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Choose from a wide range of quality hand produced items, all made on the Isles of Barra and Vatersay. Semi-precious stones, freshwater pearls, crystal and colourful glass are beautifully crafted into timeless keepsakes. This jewellery, each piece created with loving care, is the perfect gift for a lady of any age or a wee treat to lift the spirits for yourself.


The stones used are reputed to have healing properties: agate is said to rebalance and harmonise body, mind and spirit, transforming and eliminating negativity, while Carnelian is recommended to help in self-belief and trust in one's perceptions, dispelling apathy and encouraging motivation.

Some of the items have a number of different options so please click on each item to explore fully.


The majority of the jewellery comes in a presentation box (see description). Attractive gift wrapping is free of charge.

We strongly recommend that you choose the first class, signed for shipping option when purchasing jewellery.

For information here is a list of birthstones

January: garnet; February: amethyst; March: aquamarine, bloodstone; April: diamond, rock crystal; May: emerald, chrysoprase;

June: pearl, moonstone; July: ruby, carnelian; August: peridot, sardonyx; September: sapphire, lapis lazuli; October: opal;

November: topaz, citrine; December: tanzanite, turquoise. 

Monday: pearl, crystal; Tuesday: ruby, emerald; Wednesday: amethyst, lodestone; Thursday: sapphire, carnelian;

Friday: emerald, cat's eye; Saturday: diamond, turquoise; Sunday: diamond, topaz.

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