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The Team

The Volunteers

Volunteers play a vital role in the day-to-day running of the Bùth and their input is highly valued both for the time they donate to the business and the knowledge they use to help our customers.  

Volunteering with the Bùth is also a chance to learn new skills and meet people.


There is a wide range of volunteering roles, not all of them front-of-house.  It you would like to discuss volunteering opportunities with us then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.


The Staff

Sarah MacLean

Co-Founder and Manager 

Sarah helped develop the Bùth from its beginnings as a feasibility project in 2012.  She is also a shop producer, selling fresh local eggs from her croft and making original craft items.

Sarah enjoys cooking and can help customers with recipe ideas using the wide variety of wholefoods in stock.

In her spare time she enjoys crochet and swimming in the sea- all year round!


Naomi Robarts

Shop Assistant

Naomi has been on the team since May 2018.  Naomi is also a producer for the shop and has excellent craft knowledge and skills plus wide and valuable local knowledge which she uses to assist customers, whatever their query. 

Naomi enjoys knitting and walking her dog or getting out on her horses.


The Producers

The Bùth has over 100 producers from the age of 10 to over 90.  The majority of these producers live all year round in Barra and Vatersay. 


A wide range of products are made for the Bùth, from foodstuffs like ready-to-eat dishes, home baking and jams to knitting, patchwork, hand-crafted jewellery, photography and art.

The Bùth is open to anyone in Barra and Vatersay wishing to sell their items; we also offer advice on getting the product to market including presentation, packaging and labelling. 


Being a Bùth producer not only provides the opportunity to sell in the shop but also to make sales through our online shop.


If you would like to become a producer then email us to set up an appointment.

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