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Activities on Barra and Vatersay

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

There are so many great ways to explore the outdoors on Barra and Vatersay. There truly are activities to suit everyone! From leisurely beach walks to adventurous activities to experience Barra and Vatersay from a new perspective. Here is a list of providers and details for the range of activities of the islands.

Bùth Bharraigh has a beach toy library which allows families to travel to the island without bringing all the beach toys with you! For a small donation, you can borrow some buckets, spades and toys to head to one of our many stunning beaches to spend the day enjoying the white sandy beaches and the crystal clear water.

There are many beaches and walking routes for you to explore. In Bùth Bharraigh there are maps and guides for various walking routes around the island. If you would like help discovering routes to take, or where the attractions are, then you can visit them to get more information.

If sea swimming is of interest, then you can ask members of staff at Bùth Bharraigh for recommended beaches for swimming safely.

These are activities you can do by yourselves, however there are many other activities which are on offer on the island which are more adventurous.

Guided walks with the islands Rangers - keep an eye out for posters about the guided walks hosted by our rangers. This way you will get a chance to explore different parts of the island and learn about the nature and history of the island, as well as hopefully see some wildlife. You can keep up to date with their walks on their Facebook page.

Bike hire - whether you are an avid cyclist looking to tackle to the Hebridean Way, or looking for a leisurely cycle on an e-bike around Barra and Vatersay, you can pre-book your bikes for when you arrive on the island. You can either get in touch online or you can ask in Bùth Bharraigh.

Boat trips - From Barra there are three different boat operators which offer various days out and trips to Mingulay and the other Bishop Isles and even St Kilda! Hebridean Sea Tours and Mingulay Boat Trips offer day trips out to various islands to see the sea bird colonies and hopefully some dolphins and basking sharks. However, if you are looking for shorter boat trips to see with wildlife and views of the islands, then ask at Bùth Bharraigh and we can book you a ticket for shorter boat trips or for information on boat charters and bespoke days out on a boat.

(Photo credit to Mingulay Boat Trips )

Water sports - If you wish to explore the water at a slower paces, then we have kayaks, paddle boards and more on offer from Clearwater Paddling or from the north of the island at Croft 2. If you are lucky you will be able to watch diving birds, dolphins and the many seal colonies around the island.

Golf - Barra is home to the most westerly golf course in Scotland and in the United Kingdom. The 9-hole course has stunning views over the Atlantic Ocean and is 2396 yards with natural contours on the machair. Golf clubs can be hired from Bùth Bharraigh if you fancy a round or two!

Rock Climbing - A new activity starting this summer is bespoke rock climbing tours! Suitable for new climbers or those looking to see the islands from a new angle, you can book your chance to climb with an experienced mountaineer and climbing instructor. Ask in Bùth Bharraigh for the contact details to get a quote and arrange a date.

This is only a small amount of the activities you can do on Barra and Vatersay, the islands have so much more to offer!

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