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15 Ball Blanket/Project Packs

15 Ball Blanket/Project Packs

15 colours of stylecraft special DK for £29.00 plus only £3.00 postage (second class).  This is enough wool and colours to make a fantastic blanket for a single bed.  If you wanted to do a blanket for a double and king-sized bed then you will need 2 packs.


Colours in the packs are as follows:

Coast: Aster, Cloud Blue, Khaki, Shebert, Teal, Meadow, Turquoise, Bluebell, Grey, Silver, Parchment, Denim, Camel, Aspen, Petrol.

Cosy: Raspberry, Khaki, Copper, Meadow, Grape, Pale Rose, Magenta, Claret, Violet, Denim, Camel, Petrol, Gold, Spice, Lime.

Cottage: Cloud Blue, Rasperry, Khaki, Copper, Sherbert, Plum, Mocha, Meadow, Grape, Pale Rose, Magenta, Lavender, Parchment, Denim, Camel.

Cupcake: Cream, Cloud Blue, Lemon, Apricot, Sherbert, Mocha, Fondant, Spring Green, Clematis, Camel, Wisteria, Stone, Parma Violet, Duck Egg, Pistachio.

Hydrangea: Violet, Denim, Cypress, Mocha, Pale Rose, Grape, Storm Blue, Meadow, Vintage Peach, Mushroom, Raspberry, Duck Egg, Pistachio, Camel, Parma Violet.

Moor: Cloud Blue, Khaki, Walnut, Plum, Macha, Meadow, Grape, Violet, Wisteria, Lime, Storm Blue, Sage, Duck Egg, Pistachio, Cypress


If you would like to vary the selection of colours just call 01871 817948 or email


Stylecraft Special DK 100% premium acrylic.  Each ball is 100g and 295 metres.  The blanket will be able to be washed in a machine at 40 and dried in a cool tumble drier.


Usual retail price £36.75 plus £3.70 P&P

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