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An Appreciation on Volunteer Week 2021

It is the greatest gift a person can give, where would we all be without people that freely give their time to help their community.

A massive thank you to everyone that has volunteered through the years to help our shop move forward, whether you were volunteering for Duke of Edinburgh Awards, for work experience, as a producer, to get to know more people, as a director...... whatever the reason you have all added positively to the Bùth Bharraigh story.

Volunteers bring a richness to Bùth Bharraigh that can not be manufactured. They bring with them their skills and knowledge which helps make the an excellent place for information and help whether you are a visitor, whether you are wanting to try a new recipe or whether you want to start knitting or crochet project etc..... And all the past experiences, knowledge and expertise has helped the organisation grow and develop.

Like many organisations, COVID meant a change in how we operated and what we did. We had more of a focus on community need such as deliveries, books and jigsaw borrowing and online crochet. New volunteers stepped in to let our more mature volunteers shield and help keep costs down by allowing staff to furlough. A special thanks to those who helped during this time.

There is no doubt that without volunteer effort, the Bùth would not be where it is today.

If you would like to volunteer for Bùth Bharraigh then please drop in and speak to us or email


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