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Be prepared for the Refillery

Planning, ordering and other preparation work is now well underway for the new refillery section of our shop. We are getting really excited about this and we hope you are too!

This is going to be ​a great resource for everyone and kind to the planet at the same time:

  • Items will be excellent value for money as we will be bulk buying.

  • Reducing plastic.

  • Buying just what you need rather than having to take a whole packet means less waste.

  • A far wider choice of products, with ​convenient, lightweight, speedily prepared items for campers.

  • Great for ​time-pressed islanders as well as visitors with limited luggage space.

What types of products can you expect to buy in the refillery?

We will be selling beans, lentils, oats, other grain products including buckwheat flakes, millet and milled linseed, herbs & spices, salts & peppers, spice rubs, sugar, dried soups and sauces, household cleaning products, laundry liquid, handwash, shampoo and much more. Many products are also available in organic or eco-friendly versions.

How will it work?

The refillery is self-service but staff will be on hand for assistance if needed. You come to the Buth with your own containers: glass jars, plastic containers etc....

  1. Place your empty container on the scales to deduct its weight.

  2. Fill your container with the product you require.

  3. Weigh your container again with its contents.

  4. The scales will print out a label with bar code for your item.

  5. Once you have weighed out your purchases, take them to the till and pay.

We will have paper bags and some jars available for use if you have not brought your own.

For people in Barra and Vatersay who find it difficult to get into the shop we can take phone orders and deliver the goods to your door for free.

Now is the time to prepare!

If one of your spices runs out, wash and sterilise the jar ready to refill. Think about ​containers for storing your lentils, beans, rice etc...

How to recycle glass jars and lids

To recycle jars, wash in hot soapy water then rinse with clean hot water. If the jars have a label, you may wish to soak for an hour or so to remove the label. Once rinsed place upside-down on a baking tray (glass only) and put in the oven, heating it to 130 C for 20mins.

If your jar retains the smell of its previous contents​, mix 1 tsp of bicarbonate soda with a quarter cup of water in the jar, put the lid on and shake vigorously for 30 seconds. ​Re-wash, rinse, and return to oven.

For the lids, wash them in hot soapy water then leave in boiling water for 5 mins before taking out and leaving to dry. If the lids have a residual smell you can use dry bicarbonate of soda to freshen them.

Store the jars and lids in a clean, dry place until you need to use them.

If you need jars, then the Buth does have some we can give you. Come and collect for free and then you can prep the jars ready for the refillery opening.

When will the refillery be ready?

We are aiming to launch the refillery at the end of April. So, if you are coming to Barra and Vatersay on holiday, lighten your luggage by shopping here. You'll be amazed at what we have to offer!


Zero waste Scotland has made this possible by giving us a grant for the ​refillery equipment. We could not have offered this service without their support.

Jars at the ready!

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